Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Homemade Jewellery holder/wall art :-)

Ok so own up who has loads of beautiful jewellery????

I put my hand up for sure since I started making jewellery my collection has grown somewhat!
I have struggled to find a way of storing them properly so they don't get all squished  or lost or even just hidden to the back so you forget what it looks like.

I have a very pretty wooden box that houses all my earrings and three of the jewellery hangars shaped like a lady with millions of arms to hold everything on but I have long necklaces that don't fit on properly and I also always despite my earring box never actually moving always manages to loose some earrings under a million others and always get all tangled up :-(

So upon my travels over the blogging world I came across this blog to make your own Earring/clip holder tutorial Here.  It is a fabulous idea but I am not a massive fan of painting and it meant I had to go all the way into town and buy an old picture frame and then tinker with it till it is right.

That is all well and good for some people but I didn't fancy that but did like the idea so I took my creative brain to the task of wanting to tidy up my jewellery area.

 I love blank canvases, we have loads around the house with various sized prints of hands and feet from my girls and I love them :-)
They are something that you can always treasure and look on very fondly especially those feet ones where there is another foot print as your eldest daughter over balanced and then splatted her foot in the middle of the canvas thus plonking another foot print right in the middle of the canvas!!

So my love of canvases popped out, hmmm what if I went and bought some canvases and then sewed on the lace like in the tutorial???
So I wizzed down the road to a local shop I know has them for not much money and bought a pack of three. Two quite long thin ones and one larger rectangle one.

I found my sewing box with in it various different pieces of lace in and promptly got to sewing two onto the first canvas. I got a bit exited and didn't measure what I was doing so the first strip of lace went on wonkey. The second one went on better and hey presto I was on my way. I put in some drawing pins in the top so I can hang bracelets off it and then did the same with the other thin canvas.

Then off I toddled with my hammer and some nails, bopped some holes in the wall with my toddler watching me thinking I must now be Manny from Handy Manny going bang, bang, bang!

I put up the two thin canvases and got straight onto hanging my earrings off the lace. With it being lace you can hang the earrings anywhere you want to. It doesn't work very well with stud earrings so for that I will still keep my wooden box, plus it looks pretty so am not getting rid of it!

I got too exited to go back downstairs to get the other drawing pins so hammered in panel pins to the top of the larger canvas for my necklaces to hang from.

I put loads of my necklaces onto this after I put it on the wall and wow I can fit so many on it was amazing!!!

I now have a fabulous storage facility for my necklaces, earrings and bracelets and also wall art as it looks damn good in the corner of my room :-)

I am pleased as punch with it and so much so now I can see everything I spent bloomin ages trying to decide which jewellery I was going to wear today!!!!!

 Looking at these it does look quite cluttered still but trust me it is not.
I can see everything straight away and everything is nicely spaced out with the two thin canvasses for earrings and most of my bracelets with a couple of necklaces.
The necklace one I can see all of the perfectly and go hmmmmmmmmmm which one today.
I still have some on the three jewellery stands on my bedside cabinet :-)

How cool does it all look now!
Oh this was a before shot I took a while ago, I could never see what I had as it was all a massive jumble of beads :-(

This is one of those it looks better in real life than in the photos lark though. These make my corner look all dingy but believe me it is not, it is lovely and bright and now all my jewellery is a lovely focal point in our bedroom :-)
Not bad for only £5 eh

Take care and speak soon
Catherynne's Treats

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  1. Your canvas looks even better than the original Catherynne! Love it!